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I bought mine for the same reasons, though I have no wife to deal with on the investment issue of it I bought my 06 ES in Feb. for $4783 OTD with the free 2 yrs extended warranty that I upgraded to 4 years for $225 more. Yeah, they may not be as "fancy" as some of the new ones but I don't want to have to worry about problems with the machine down the road and that's one thing I've seen first hand is that they are durable. A buddy of mine has the exact foreman I have now with no modifications at all and he has literally beat the living sh#t out of it! I t's been rolled, flipped, slammed into, submerged under water numerous times, water in the crankcase, etc and the thing still keeps going like nothing has ever happened to it. This was one of the main reasons I bought the foreman over a suzuki king quad 450 or 700 (and the $2000 price difference also!)
I also have an 04 Suzuki Ozark that is a great quad and only had one minor warranty issue with it and would recommend it to anyone for an entry level quad, even over the Recon. I also have an 03 polaris sportsman 90 that is my sons and even though it's the perfect kids quad for size, ease and power it seems like I'm always adjusting brakes, chain (removing links), and tightening bolts, etc. Luckily he's about a year away from moving up to the Ozark.
The foreman to me was an all around simple machine that I would get years of service out of with hopefully no issues and with the incentives Honda was giving out back in February, you couldn't go wrong buying one. My friend is still PO'ed because he still owes more on his quad he bought last june than what I paid for mine with the same warranty etc. I believe he had right at $7000 in his when all was said and done, Including the extended warranty.
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