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Here are the 27" M/B on Tork Wheels....HUGE

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Here they are tell me what you think.....TWICE the size of my old 27" Laws!!!

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Right on man, look awesome
**** that's one sweet ruby!!!!!
Hey I was thinking of getting a bumper like that. Is it hard to install? What did it cost?
What's with all the sheet metal behind the grill?
QUOTE ("big_daddy_bigfoot":38gdo84u)
What's with all the sheet metal behind the grill?

That ain't sheet, all thats actually factory, its the that sits in front of the radiator just looks like a solid piece in that pic! As far as the bumper goes it was a little over 100 and is extremely simple to install, it hooks on up top to the rear rack and then bolts underneath to the factory bolt holes for the rear rack, maybe 15 min. install if that long!! Thanks for all the comments
I think it looks the black wheels on a black bike!
Looks Sweet!! Any rubbing with the 2" lift ??
black rims look great
The rubbing is actually more than what I wanted. My 27" Laws didn't touch the rear floor board plastic, but these are like i say HUGE, I had to pull back the plastic just to get them up on the studs to mount so I'm just letting them chew on that plastic till it rubs down enough, I'm not big on cutting!! The fronts at full turn are grabbing the floor supports too, but just barely!
How much air pressure are you running, those things are
HUGE for 27's. Are they rough riding?? Thanks for the info!
lol....been waiting for that question, the pressure is at 10lbs I didn't even try to stretch them. I would hate to see 35lbs
that looks awesome man!!!!
10 p.s.i is a lot. I run about 4. When I put 10 in mine the look huge too.
what brand is that rear bumper? looks burly.
How do these tires perform in a sandy creek bottom? Iam strongly considering these, but my favorite kind of riding is creek riding. LMK
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