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I put 27" swamp lites and a 2" lift on my 07 rubicon, rides like ****!! I rode for a few hours last night and my back is sore. What do i need? Willthe factory clutch hold up? Has anyone heard of a belt kit?
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27 inch swamp lites you need to get into the mud and stay off of the hard pack. Where you putting a belt on?
i ride on my swamp lites all day with no problem. what PSI are u running them at. i run somewhere between 3 and 5 depending on what I'm going to be riding that day.
Some guy said i needed a belt for it. But i thought there were no belts on the ruby. i am running 10 psi. so i need to drop it down.?
i think he means a belt for your back and i would definitely drop the PSI to at least 7. doesn't sound like much but it will make a difference.
The tire pressure makes all the difference. If you're running on pavement, don't think of dropping the pressure too much or it'll eat your tires.

On my old 92 Fourtrax 300 I had put bearclaws on. Not only did it make the ride horrible but there was major powerloss. If you don't run in mud and you trail ride then stay away from mud bugs, mud lites, gators, etc. Best all terrain, most puncture resistant, best wearing tire has got to be the Maxxis Big Horns. They're great for hard rock, crossing rivers, getting great traction on steep hill climbs, very soft ride due to the tires being Radials, etc.

In any event, the tire pressure should be at or around 4 PSI, which the stock tires should be at, and since its a bigger tire, maybe bump up the pressure pound or two.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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