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i just noticed this about a month ago under my Rubi. it hasn't been rode in several months so it's just been sitting in the garage, but now is hunting season and went out to start it up and noticed this ....

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CAn you see where it is dripping from? Check your rear differential and make sure it is still full.Hard to tell by that picture but I'd guess it could be leaking where the axle tube mates up to the diff.
Leaks like that dont really travel so its most likely coming from the area above the widest point of the stain. When did you fill it last? Also is it possible anyone could have put something else in that spot that may have leaked? Its an odd looking stain for something that has been sitting for so long. If not then feel around that area for where its leaking and if its low top it off.
just pin point where its comming from and just put a new seal in it, not too big of a deal. let us know what you find.
well i had changed the oil back in the spring and it's only been ridden a handful of times since and like i said i just noticed this spot ... well this is the second spot it made, because i cleaned up the spot once to make sure it wasn't from something else and now it's back.
Did you check the level? Make sure it wasnt over filled? I hope its something simple like that but if its a seal it really isnt a huge deal. Good Luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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