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I have a brand new foreman. Its a month old. When I was riding this afternoon I noticed it losing power. I stopped and checked the oil. It was perfect. So I keep riding, then I noticed it was smoking white smoke every now and then. So I stopped and checked the oil again. Samething it was perfect. I decideed to head home then it went dead. When I went to crank it up it was making a horriable noise like screcking and knocking. Now the starter hardly turns it over and it is making the noises. We changed the oil and oil filter yesterday but I have rode 10 miles since then so I need some input.
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shops try to get away with a lot because people either let them or figure they have no other choice. A lot of shops look at the customer as stupid, and will believe anything they tell them. Make sure that if they tell you something you know is not true that you stand your ground.
if your seal leaks within the first couple months it was not put in right.. I had a bearing go bad on my after 1 month cause they didn't put the seal on right. Its common for honda to do that. even the head mechanic at the local honda shop told me that.
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they told me that a stick punctured it. I doubt that it really happend that way.
You should of asked them to show you where it punctured it. You would be able to tell if it were ripped.
i've seen the damage sticks can do to seals and boots, i just wouldn't believe a shop unless they showed me.
1 - 4 of 46 Posts
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