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I have a brand new foreman. Its a month old. When I was riding this afternoon I noticed it losing power. I stopped and checked the oil. It was perfect. So I keep riding, then I noticed it was smoking white smoke every now and then. So I stopped and checked the oil again. Samething it was perfect. I decideed to head home then it went dead. When I went to crank it up it was making a horriable noise like screcking and knocking. Now the starter hardly turns it over and it is making the noises. We changed the oil and oil filter yesterday but I have rode 10 miles since then so I need some input.
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QUOTE ("cajunforeman":3dv1s41a)
They also told me water got in the engine through the out put shaft seal which was leaking. So take it for what it is worth but they are trying to screw you like they screwed me. Sorry for the long post

If water got in by the output shaft, seems like Honda should cover under warranty. These things are designed to go through some water. Maybe not submersed, but should be able to get wet and if seal on output shaft is leaking, sounds like it should be their problem and not yours.
Seams like an All Terain Vehicle could handle a stick from tearing up vehicle, or change name to something other than "All"
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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