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I have a brand new foreman. Its a month old. When I was riding this afternoon I noticed it losing power. I stopped and checked the oil. It was perfect. So I keep riding, then I noticed it was smoking white smoke every now and then. So I stopped and checked the oil again. Samething it was perfect. I decideed to head home then it went dead. When I went to crank it up it was making a horriable noise like screcking and knocking. Now the starter hardly turns it over and it is making the noises. We changed the oil and oil filter yesterday but I have rode 10 miles since then so I need some input.
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I haven't changed the oil & filter in my bike yet but was wondering is it that easy to put the filter in backwards? What should I watch for?
The filter is stamped with "inside" or "torwards engine" I can not recall for sure exactly what it says.
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