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i just got the 4wheeler back together from taking the clutch kit out and it will not run. its starts fine and everything but when i put it in gear it jumps into gear then stalls. i have no idea what this is and i do not have the time to take it apart and see what it is. i am thinking that the linkage for the shifter is not right, what do you think? if someone could please tell me whats wrong with it, it would be great! the sooner i can find out what it is the better. thanks for all your help in advance.
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if you feather the throttle can you keep it running?
no but it does not stall going in reverse but it just starts to go backwards.
Sounds like the clutch is not dis-engaging. Like starting a straight shift in gear. You might want to back into the clutch and start looking around.
Bigvick that is what i was also thinking but i was just hoping not because i didnt want to tear it all apart again. but its all tore apart again and i am just going to go get a clutch puller from a honda dealer so i can look in the clutch. i was talking to myers4712 and he said that maby some springs came loose, that could also be a posibility. i gess i will just have to look at it when i get the clutch out.
If this is a Rubicon then you must have put the sprag clutch in with the "outside" facing in .. or the springs aren't hooked on the clutch shoes ..
i am almost possitive that the sprag clutch it with the outside facing up because i double checked. so i gess the the springs maby came out. thanks HM for answering i was hoping you would charm in because if i cant figure something usually other people dont know for sure eather.
well i took the clutch apart and this is what i found (yes you can make fun of me for doing this) when i put the sprag clutch in i put in in the clutch snd i was suppost to put it in the clutch bowl, so that made the sprag clutch upside down i just wanted to tell you all what i found and thanks for all the replys.
It don't matter Mad Mudder... As long as it's nothing big.. Well..Good to know it will be fixed soon..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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