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Put jet kit on tonight and it won't run. Used 165 jet cause I don't have exhaust. I have snorkel and uni filter. Tried adjusting a/f screw. Also float keep sticking I guess letting fuel dump into my air box. I don't know what to do. Also if it is running rich or lean how do I adjust the a/f screw, which way for which one. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Got to have it running by next weekend to go to Redcreek
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Take your float bowl back off and make sure you have the white plastic cover that goes over the main jet in there correctly. It may not be seated right and touching the floats and holding them open. On the air/fuel screw, in is leaning the mixture and out richens it. Hope this helps.
Im not an expert but since you didnt put on a exhaust i would think you put way too big of jet in. without and exhaust you are letting less air through the motor hense forth the need for less fuel. i think most of us are running DJ150 in our bikes with the HMF and snorkle and K&N air filter. unless Mississippi is that much higher above sea level than Florida is. i wouldnt think so though
I thought most of ya'll ran a 170 jet with all those mods.
yep im 170 and runs great!
your right my bad, had a small brain fart for a minute
My stock jet is a 162. When I put my HMF kit on I went to a 170 and 2.5 turns out on the mixture screw. My kit consisted of HMF slip-on, HMF jet kit, K&N air filter w/ an outerwear pre-filter. After everything was installed it fired right up.
Thanks for everybodys help. I put all the stock needle,jet and air filter back on today with no luck. Something is making float stick sometimes and not others. I am taking it to someone who knows more than me tomm. Which it don't take much to know more than me about carb. All I want is my bike to be running right by next friday stock or not. It is still flooding the air box with the stock stuff back in. Only thing I got to have is the snork. Thanks
Well I took my bike to the Honda shop today and they fixed my bike. Iam so glad it is running. It cost me $76 but it was worth it. Thanks for everybodys help.
What did they do to fix it?
I didn't ask they were about to close but I've got to go back Mon. I am going to ask them then.
Bigvick where'd you get that kit and how much was it? Could you tell a big difference in power?
06Foreman, I got the kit from Atv Outfitters out of South Carolina. It was $299 plus shipping. Look on there web site and call Matthew (his name and number is on there) and check for availability. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to get mine because it was on backorder from HMF. There are a couple downfalls to this kit. There are no jetting instructions, but use the 170, also there is no tool with the jet kit to turn the air fuel mixture screw. It took a few minutes to figure out how the K&N went on. It actually goes inside the rubber housing in the airbox instead of over it like the stock and the clamp goes on the air box piece. This could have been a mistake but the bolt they sent to secure the pipe to the frame was wrong so we used the stock one and used some washers and rubber grommets to take up some space. As far as more power, YES! I can actually tell a difference. Mainly in the low rpm range, but I believe there is more to be had. The 2 1/2 turns out on the air fuel screw is just a base setting, so I am going to do a little fine tuning later.
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