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I have a 2001 rubicon, went riding and after a few hours I put it in reverse and it sounded like you started it in gear and did not let go of the brake lever, put it in drive and it would not shift higher than 1ST gear in any range. checked codes got #11 at first then took angle sensor off to test and put it back on checked codes again got #6. dealer told me to install new angle sensor. I did and now when I do the initial setting prcedure and get to the throttle cycle the shift motor will not make a sound.display will not quit blinking "--". manual says idle for 30 seconds, drive slow 5 feet in D1, turn IGN off, turn IGN on making sure gear indicator is in "N", but digital gear indicator shows "--" not "N" ("N" light is on). tried to erase code can't do that either. started following flow chart without taking fenders off, continuity in both wires from ECM to the sensor, input voltage is good, resistance is the same at the sensor and ECM. the only odd thing I saw was that the manual says you have to line up sensor with the shaft then turn to line up screw holes, my sensor drop right on with out preload on sensor spring. removed control motor to see if reduction gear spins free, it did not spin with just a finger, so took scewdriver broke it loose and tried everything again with not a **** bit of luck. control motor bad, but sets angle sensor code? why code #11 first?
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Code #11 is "motor drive circuit" .. You must have a shop manual if your tracing wires out .. Yes the angle sensor must have a pre-load put on it when you install it ..
The code #6 will be because there was no pre-load on the angle sensor ..

pre-load sensor then initialize ECM then post back if not working yet ..
How and where is the angle sensor preloaded? emanual say you can direct wire control motor, is this the way?

Here is a PDF file on section #23 of the 2004 TRX500FGA Honda shop manual ..(the only 2001-03 manual I have right at hand is a complete PDF manual) The angle sensor info is the same ,it shows how to pre-load the angle sensor..

Download File

Yes you have to remove the control motor to test it .. Once you remove it ,apply 12V to the wires ..There are only 2 wires , positive & negitive to shift up,negitive & positive to shift down .. It should spin fast & quiet ..when you turn the splined drive end you may feel little bumps as you turn it slowly ..that's normal as long it's not stiff or hard bumps as you turn it ..

The motor can be dis-assembled to clean the armature and put a small spot of grease on the bushing but it's a 2 man job holding the brushes etc. putting it back together .. I do have some pictures of dis-assembling & re-assembling the motor if your motor doesn't feel or sound good. .
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