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i can not get my shifter to go into "L" ......... it shifts fine into all other gears but i cant get it to go into Low ......... i've got the side plastic off and have sprayed WD-40 all over everything thinking maybe some mud had something glued together in there ....... because that happened to my reverse back a few months ago, but ive tried and tried and im afraid if i keep forcing it im going to break something
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your linkage might be messed up for the shifter check it and post what you found. if you dont know its the rod going from the shifter to the motor.
what do i look for?
put in in netural loosen nuts on the "rod" so the "rod" will thred up or down untill it will go into all the gears and once you have played arround with it for a while try the shifter and see if it will go in all ther gears. there isnt really much to look for you just have to mess with it. i think you will understand what im saying when you look at it. if that dosent work i can try to give you more tips on what might be wrong. i hope this helps.
thanks .... i'll try that out in the morning ......... i seen those nuts on the rods, but i just dont want to get it all loosened up and cause more problems in shifting
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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