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I was out on my rincon+it started losing drive+after half a km no drive at all!the dash display has also stopped working-,it still starts+runs ok,anybody got any ideas whats happened
i can put it into drive or reverse+nothing happens drive wise
it had been ok for about 5 km today before this
oil is new 2hrs running ago
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What do you mean by there is no display? Is the screen totally blank? or does the gear indicator just flashing "--"? This problem definitely has something to do with the computer. If its just flashing "--" count the flashes because this is a code that will tell what the problem is. If is still shows the gear position try resetting the computer. Turn the key on, hold the two ES buttons and while your holding them turn the key off and back on again. The let go of the buttons. -- should be flashing where the gear position usually is, quickly press the up button then the down button, then the up button again. And thats it.
that wat i was wonderin to wat he was tryin to say....
yes its completly blank-nothing is showing on it all
Sounds like you need to check your power/ground line, back-up voltage, and ground line at 14P?

Or does your display look like this "_ _ "?
nothing,zero,zilch,nought showing on display-its like a switched off tv
Did you check/replace all the Fuses?

Did you remove battery case and check battery connections at terminals.

Check frame ground wire located below the right side pull starter cover...inspect the wires for damage and make sure the bolt is tight.

14P is a connector located under the gas has 14 wires...remove gas tank to access connector...turn ignition off, unplug connector, check red wire for 12V, check green wire for continuity...turn ignition on, check black/brown wire for 12V.

I would not run the bike until you find the short, but is your bike stuck in second gear, or our you stuck in neutral?
thanks bones,the bike aint stuck in any gear,i can still shift it into drive+reverse with the stick just it aint sending drive to the wheels,fuses +earth are all ok
Have you had the oil pressure tested on this bike ..?.. Also the TCM controls some of the dash & all of transmission
Your ignition switch works and your engine runs, but you are stuck in neutral...Your pod is plank and the pod light does not work...check your front headlights and rear tails lights work?...Do they work when you press the brake levers?...No, check/replace the 20A fuse...Got a volt meter to check the connection at 14P?
I suggest you take it to your dealer rather than find the problem yourself. Heres a link to download the service manual...
fuses are all ok,lights+brake light still working,oil pressure is good as well
thanks for all the help lads,i hope to get it into dealer a week thurs when im off work
i will advise the outcome
i reckon module myself
Yes take it to the dealer ..Sounds like the PCM is bad ..
put a pcm on it+still no drive,dash now working ok though,quad does about 100 yards now+loses drive,changes up+down gears etc no prob but no drive,got the solenoids etc checked +all ok,oil+filter are also ok,
activated the emergency valve on solenoid to "get me home"+it makes no difference,when i start it again tommorow after its all cooled down it will do another 100 yards+lose all drive again
any ideas as the dealer is stumped?
Hello I have 2005 Honda Rubicon where the display won't show its in drive ...but every thing else works n reverse what would cause this has 900 miles on it and it won't go over 10 miles an hr please help
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