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Help with headlight wiring

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I'd like to install a switch so that I could run just the pod light during the day then flip the switch so that all three lights come on for night.I still want the main headlight switch to turn the lights on and off.Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a Foreman 500? I'm thinking it would be easiest to install a switch in series with the two lower headlights to turn them off,then flip the switch ,which would turn all three on. This should work right?
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Just interrupt the wires in the pod. It's really easy to do, I put one on my Ruby.
it would be alot easier to put the switch on the pod light all you have to do is take the screw out from under the gas tank vent then it pops of. splice the switch into the green wire comeing out of the head light. then the switch anywere you want
When you wire into the pod can you turn just the pod light on or does it just turn the pod light off when the lower lights are on?
Just pod light off when others are lit.

Do you want to turn just the pod light on?
Yes.I want to run just the pod light on.
i wanna do it too

now that sounds like something cool to do...
Actually, I ran a hot wire to a switch and to the pod light so that I can use only the pod light or the lower lights or if both switches are on, all lights work. I believe if you put a diode on the original wire to the pod light, and tie a hot wire into the same wire downstream of the diode with a diode on this wire also, you can do exactually what yo want. Not positive, but believe it will work and diode will keep power from backing from one power source to the other kinda like a check valve. Turn on the pod light only with the hot wire direct to light and by turning on the regular lights, pod light comes on with lower but I like option to turn off the pod light if anything is on front rack to prevent glare from pod light.
I haven't got around to doing it yet,but I plan on interrupting the power to the two lower lights with a switch.I have never carried anything on the front rack so having all three on at night doesn't bother me.I don't like all three on during the day.All the guys I ride with like to run lights on the trails and I think just the pod light during the day will be enough.
Easily done by just running a new hot wire to a switch and to pod light and disconnect the wire that now goes to the pod light. This will allow you to turn on the pod light completely separate from the lower lights. This is how I did mine and like it as sometimes I use only the pod light without the lowers or vice versa. Not often, but did this mostly so that I can use lowers only when something is on front rack, but like you, most of time, nothing is in front other than a deer to be hauled out of the woods. Even a on-off-on switch would work with separate hot wire to turn on pod light, off for having pod light off and other on for turning on with lower lights if wanted.
Thanks,That sounds like the best way!
why go tearing apart your wires when you can go out and buy a HONDA brand switch that plugs into your atvs electric system and you just mount the switch where ever you want? give you some peace of mind
I think the switch kit from Honda only turns off the pod light.I want the pod light on all by itself.
^^right on Yooperforeman. Switch from Honda is not your solution.
I finally got around to installing a switch.I installed a simple push/pull switch('cause I had it lying around).The switch is wired in series with the ground(green wire) going to the lower headlights.Now i can run the pod light all by itself,or pull the switch out and all three are on.I tapped into the green wire under the left front fender before it splices into two wires that go to both lower headlights.
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