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help with gearless locker

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hey ive messe with this bike all dam after noon sence 430 and its now 1230am and this locker is a pain in the a$$ if you see in the instruction it showes the ring gear with the hole inside of the ring gear mossing but in my bike it has the hole center there and i belive thats the prolbum with it. but if i look online it showes my rubie with the center missing of the ring gear but on my bike its not its all there. any clue why it says all year from 01-04 are the same but high lifter says this fits


HONDA 350 RANCHER (04-06)
HONDA 400 RANCHER (04-06)
HONDA 500 FOREMAN (05-06)
HONDA 500 RUBICON (04-06)
HONDA 650 RINCON (03-05)

ive tried putting ths ring gear in the cutting maching but the ring gear is supper hard mettel any help would be apreshated. and i know my speeling is off right now how po off i am at the moment sorry for that. thanks
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well i just talked to a guy at highlifter and my plans for putting it in is shattered. so be looking forward to it peing put up in the for sale department the locker is designed for a 03 and below rubies and rancher
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