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Help with CV joint in front-end

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I have a problem... 05 Foreman, front CV axle, Boot was torn... replaced boot, when I went to put it back together. I was like it was too long or something.. So I took it back apart to find that the outer CV joint didn't go in all the way. So to put it back on right i took the ball bearings out of the cv joint and made sure that the splines were okay on the shaft and they were.. So i went to put it back on and I can't seem to fit the ball bearings back into the joint itself... Does anyone know how those ball bearings are supposed to fit back into the cv joint?? I watched how they came out but they won't go back in the same way..
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I can't rember which one is longer but they are different and make sure you push it in till you hear a click from the c-clip
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