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help with clutch

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its seems that when i put 27in mudlites on my bike it makes a noise when i get in a bind it started when iput themon do i need a clutch kit or does anyone knowwhat this noise is it sounds like a grinding noise but it still rides fine it only happenswhen its put in a bind or if u press gas hard in 1st gear
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never heard of that before.... you should be ok with 27"s
maybe put ur stock tires back on and see if it still does it
I have same set up and have it that way for about a year and now problems. does it do it in 2wd or jest 4wd. if jest 4wd it sounds like bad CV.
its done it in both and the honda shop has had it for 2 weeks and cant find a problem the seal on the front drive when it comesout the motor is leaking oil
Mine makes a noise too but I have asked on here before and almost everyone at that time said theirs did it too. It did it with my 26 inch gators and now with my mudlites. Mine is not a grinding noise more like a squeek like a ujoint. I will deal with it if or when it breaks.

How do you like your 27" mudlites?
I've had that seal fixed 2 times allready. both under ext. war
I like my muddlites thay work good for me. Lost some power thow but my bike has no modds but tires and snorkle
I did have stock wheels with 26" gators and I noticed power loss but when I went with the itp type 7's and 27" mudlites it seems to have perked back up. I have no performence mods yet.
this is no squeak its more like a grinding that u can feel, whenit happens
That don't sound good!
they r calling it a clutch dog anyone know what this is
there is a dog in ur clutch, take it apart and beat the crap out of the dog till he no longer growls at you...just kidding, i had squek on my bike when i first bought it(used of course) and i just took a grease gun and put grease on everything that was suppose to move and alot of things that probably dont move, but never have anymore squek since
honda called me today my ujoint broke on them so they got the first problemfixed,the noise was the cv joint was bad too so for $296.89 ill be back in the trails saturday
Good news!
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