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help!! water problems

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okay first let me tell you. i got tired of everytime i hit a deep water hole my machine filled up with water in the airbox. so i made me a custom snorkel that works absolutly wonderful had it completely sunk and not a drop of water in the airbox. but i still have the problem of water gettin in through the exhaust. my; machine seems like it cuts off as soon as the muffler gets submerge. anyone have any suggestions top what i should do???? besides runnin a pipe off the edge of my muffler to goes upward!
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Did you plug the carb drain/overflow tube? If you didn't that is probably your problem.
the water is comin in through the muffler my quad kills to easy i got that pulgged yeah
Like marcust said the drain line is probably where water is getting in. You said in your post that water was getting in thru the exhaust. If you are sure thats whats happening you could try turning up the idle. What's wrong with snorkling the exhaust?
ph no problem with snorkelin the exhaust, just that no one around these parts has it done. WAITTTT a minute that might be a good idea!!! what do i need to do i.e. what did you do????
hmm where could i find these parts inthe usa
I had a muffler shop supply and bend the pipe. The unions are standard plumbing fittings that you should be able to get at any plumbing supplier or even the larger building supply stores.
just go to the how to forums and look at raveer2000's setup. im going to do it in the next week or so.
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