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My buddy just called me. He got it in neutral with the emergency shifter, he said that it is blinking 3 times. Looking at the chart, 3 lines up with a problem involving the angle sensor or wiring harness. Honda Mechanic, what is the next step? Does he need to just take it in or is there something else he can do? Thanks for all your help!
On the front of the engine, right side, down low you'll see a metal cover held on with 2 bolts. There WILL be wires going into that cover. It covers the angle sensor. If you feel qualified, take the cover off and remove the sensor. First clue that it might be bad is if you see "Mexico" stamped into it where the wires connect. Do a search for a post (most likely from Honda Mechanic) about the test you can do to the sensor. Wifey's went bad on her 05 Rancher right after the warranty was up. Not a real expensive part and fairly simple to change it out.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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