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Help!! Stripped oil drain hole

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Have anyone else had this problem? Have anyone used a helicoil?
Thanks for the help

2005 Honda Foreman ES 4x4
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We use something at work called TIME-SERTS.You have to drill the hole out with the supplied bit then tap it and install a threaded "bushing" that's countersunk and restores the hole back to the original thread size.To me,I've used both HELI-COILS and TIME-SERTS,I think the TIME-SERTS are stronger.
Thanks. Do you recommend doing it myself or contacting dealer?
If you've never used anything like a Heli-coil before then I'd suggest getting someone to help you.Not a hard thing,but if you've never done it before it might be a little confusing.Kinda scary when you drill that hole out so big!
heli coils are easy to do, you need a tap and die set tho to make the threads in the new LARGER hole
couldnt you just drill it a little bigger and retap it? that would proubly be the easiest way unless you cant go any bigger and if that is the case i would try what Yooperforeman said.
My buddy just had this happen to him he took it to the shop and they fixed it for $25.
I just got a 1/2-inch tap and a new 1/2-inch by 1/2-inch long bolt.Tapped out the oil drain hole without drilling and the new bolt fit great and has worked fine.
I just stripped the oil drain hole. How well do the time-serts hold? how long will it last? I would rather have this done if it will seal better and last longer than a heli-coil. Any input would be great.
We just use heli-coils to fix every drain hole except the 2000-06 TRX350 they have to fixed with an insert..
I would say just use a pan saver. We use to use them all the time at an auto garage that I worked at in high school. They are kind of hard to explain I will try to find a pic. As for durability, I have seen them last thousands of miles on cars.
Thanks I think I might tray to tap it out first, then heli-coil if that doesn't work. am I on the right track trying this first? I just want to do the least amount of damage before i go drilling out the hole for the time-sert.
why does the 350 require a insert and not a heli-coil what is the deffrence between the two and where can one get the inserts???
heli coils are good for when there is a bottem to the hole because you can make them move farther in the hole if you arnt careful. time serts have a lip around top egde that makes it use full for holes with no bottems like spark plug or drain holes. i really dont know where to get timeserts i will look around and get back to you.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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