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Help quick! how much oil

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How many quarts do you need for a 2005 Rincon oil change?
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I would buy 4. You will most likely only use 3, it all depends on how much off the oil you get out of the converter. I don't remember how much oil it hold but the way I do it is put 2 quarts in start the bike let it run for a sec. and check how low you are. Also make sure you get the motor warm before you drain the oil.
That's cool,Thanks a lot!
The Rincon will lose alot more than three quarts if you jack the front end very high. Just fill it and use the dipstick to see when she is full. Make sure you read your manual on how to do it right. (I.E. Not screwing it in when checking level)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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