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Help purchasing new ATV

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HI, I am looking to purchase a new atv. I am about 260 pounds. I have been looking at the rancher es 350. Or do I need a larger atv maybe a foreman 500? Should I purchase a 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. Can you wheelie the 4 wheel drive or is it to heavy. I would like my atv for work around the house maybe plowing snow (located in Missouri don't really get too much snow). And I would also like a good machine for recreation.

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I would get the 4x4.. it cant way much more than the 2wd version. so I dont see that big of a differance between the two in that.

on my 500 I have skids and a Warn 3.0 winch, rear bag with tools, maglight, small air compressor, remote for winch and other misc. stuff. All added weight.
and Im about 205 or so and ive ridden with all that stuff me and 1 other person and it did fine.

I would def. get the Foreman over the rancher just for the fact of having that extra power for working etc..
new atv

I just got a Foreman S. I weigh about 220. Depends on how much power you want. My dads got a rancher and he weighs 250. As far as the 4x4 it depends on how much mudriding or need to push plow. I had a 2x4 which was fine except when I had to sit and watch everyone else play in the holes. Hope this helps.
You can't go wrong getting the foreman 500. The more power is nice and you wont grow out of it. My wife wanted a 200 and now wishes she would have gotten a bigger one. Once you have the rancher you will want more power for bigger tires and such.

Should I go for the 06 foreman rubicon or the es?
I have an es. Wanted a rubicon but I like my es, I have never ridden a ruby but would like to. Maybe someday I will get one, but I just got my es last month lol . You can't go wrong with either one, if you don't want to shift get the ruby if you don't mind shifting get the S or ES.
I bought the Foreman 4x4 ES. I love it. I have a friend who bought the rancher and he is sorry he didn't get the foreman. The bad thing about the rancher 4x4, is that it is 4x4 all the time. At least with the Foreman, you can shift it in and out. I almost got the Rubicon myself, but they didn't have one in stock. I only wanted it for the automatic, but I actually perfer the ES now that I have it. Go with the Foreman, you won't regret it.
QUOTE ("Cajun500":8aqxfskv)
The bad thing about the rancher 4x4, is that it is 4x4 all the time. At least with the Foreman, you can shift it in and out.
Very good point!!!!!!!!!
Well after all the responses and research I was leaning towards the rincon but now I think I will go with the rubicon.
Rincon's are nice, big and fast, but they don't have hardly any engine braking power. If you ride in the mountains this is very important. I would buy the same set up again that I have now if I had to do it all over again. The 500 ES is a great bike and you can get a pretty good deal on a 05 or 06 model right now. It is worth the extra money over the Rancher and you will be happy you did on the long run.
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