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Help me decide-('07 or '08) rubicon or foreman ES with ESP?

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edited: Alright fellas, I have decided to go with the Rubi

Thanks for the input,

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Re: Help me decide-('07 or '08) rubicon or foreman ES with E

QUOTE ("Tall Pine")
I just posted this on the foreman forum and wanted ya'lls opinions if you can tolerate these zillion questions.

I have read thru all the similar 'decision' posts, but still have these specific questions :

1. Do both trannies have the same shift patterns/progams...i.e. will they both give you a fully automatic mode, and both give you the option to manually shift (I think thats what the EPS gives you). I still dont know what the ES is supposed to give you.

2. I plan to basically tour around for hours on end, riding mainly flat hard trails, some mud, but NO DEEP mud, some Florida sand but just in patches-not all day sand riding, and will take it to the mountains (Tellico) a few times a year. If I want the most comfy driving feel for a full day's either one better for this purpose?

3. Will the rubi be better at Engine braking going downhill? My '07 rubi buddy says the rubi is better becuase of the hondamatic. He says with the foreman you have to shift to super low to accomplish its slowest engine breaking, and it may not be as slow as the rubi.

4. Is the 25 cubic inches a big deal between the two models? I am 6'8" tall and weigh 300+. I am wondering if the extra 25 is anything to worry about.

5. If the rubi's achilles heel is the hondamatic, what is the foreman's achilles heel that the rubi doesnt have (if any)?

6. Is there consensus in the Honda community that either model has fewer mechanical problems than the other?

I've got the hots and need your input before I can pull the trigger this weekend or next. Both are Honda's and I know I would love either one. But I do need to pick one

Thanks guys/gals

Well, everyone's got an opinion about the foreman and the Rubicon and I'm no different. I don't want anyone to think that I'm bashing one or the other so just remember this is just my opinion.

First, the Rubicon is a liquid cool 499 cc, auto/manual tranmission. The Foreman has a 475cc, air cooled, manual shift unit. In Canada, the Rubicon also has a suspendion system that is more geared toward play than work. It's alot easier on you.

In my opinion it comes down to what you want it for. Both are very good machines, but one is better for different applications than the other. If I was buying a quad for work around the farm, I would get the Foreman. The geared bottom end on the Foreman is very strong for pulling.

However, if you are interested in a machine that works has well as it plays than the Rubicon is the best choice. With the transmission on the Rubicon, its nice to travel for hours without having to change gears. However, you do give up a little bottom end power on this bike compared to the Foreman,but you still have more than enough power to do what you want to do.

In my opinion, both are good quads and you will be happy with either machine.


Rubicon, For Your style of riding
the rubicon is geared much lower than the foreman if the rubicon is in low. the rubicon does tend to get hot if you ride in mud.
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