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HELP> Engine full of gas...

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I went out to crank my 05 foreman 500s and she just turned over and over... I checked the breather box and found + or - quart of gas in it.. I drained the box and tried again and she wouldn't turn over.. I pulled the dipstick and the crankcase is FULL of gas.. any ideas and will a full rebuild be in order??? I only have a intake snorkel and my carb vent lines ran to the handlebars...
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did u possibly haul the bike without covering your snorkle
4 hour round trip with it uncovered.. Would that fill crankcase though??
Sure will!
few oil changes and couple of filters, will she live??
I personally would change the oil a couple of times and on the last oil change, throw in a new filter. Gas in the oil is way better than muddy water in the oil. The only thing the gas damaged was the oil. Replace it and you should be good.

The only time i have ever had this problem was when I was hauling it long distance. Since then I have covered the snorkel with a drink hugger and turned the gas off. No problems since.
Farudan the reason the crankcase filled uo is once it got to the height of your breather line in your air box it ran straight down. I would reroute the crankcase line personally pretty easy to do I will check and see what size hose I used if you are interested.
please do get the line size. We tried to do that line on my buddies 450 and it ended up blowing oil. I assume we used the wrong size hose. Guess its off to the Honda shop for some filters this weekend...
you should only need one filter,replace it after ur second oil change.You can just use cheap oil from walmart till u flush it out, then use the good stuff when you change the filter.
I've used 1/2 gas line on mine and ran it to the plastic just in front of the steering column where its out of the weather. I also reused the breather foam in the end of the hose to prevent any dirt from getting into it.
I just went out and looked and the size is 1/2 inch what I did was cut the steel lines at the ends so I could reuse them and put the hose in between and used three hose clamps and did away with the stock clamps they do not seal that well. The way mine is routed is from the motor up and around the right side of the carb. and back down the left to the air box going above the carb make the height of the hose higher than the air box so it will have to fill completely up before it ever went in your motor and I doubt that will ever happen b/c it would drown the carb. first anyway. HOPE THIS HELPS.
That happened to me after putting the snorkle on my bike and I just started putting a grocery sack over the snorkle with a rubber band around it and never had the problem again.
similar issue

i went for a ride the other day and my bike started sputtering, the air box was full of fuel. cleaned it out and started it up again...ran for a while then same thing again...

someone told me maybe my float is stuck in the carb??? sounds right??

i don't know, i haven't had a chance to check it out b/c of all the rain here...

i have a full 2" snorkel and rerouted vent lines up to the top of snorkel, i never had any issues until now.
QUOTE ("ForeWOMAN450":304luk6g)
That happened to me after putting the snorkle on my bike and I just started putting a grocery sack over the snorkle with a rubber band around it and never had the problem again.
It happened to 3 or four bikes with in a couple weeks around here if I remember correctly. I always turn the fuel off and idle the bike until it shuts off, before trailering any distance. No problems yet.

The snorkel will create a vacuum in the air box, sucking the fuel though the carb. Filling the air box, and if it reaches the crankcase breather, filling the engine with fuel as well.
could you run the crankcase line in thru the snorkel? you would still need to cover it for traveling, but it would raise the height level.
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