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HELP,,,, CV Boot!

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Help !

anyone know how to replace a right rear Inner CV boot,, How do I do this ....

Round Man
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Jack up bike, Take wheel off, remove big bolt on axle, remove upper shock bolt, remove lower A-arm bolts, loosing old boot clamps, remove inner retaining ring inside the inner CV, catch falling bearings, take axle out, remove retaining ring, use three way clamp thing to remove spocket thing, remove old boot, replace with new boot, hammer sprocket thing back on, install retaining ring, put back together, use some good CV grease from auto parts store reuse clamps.
Must look like this.. huh.....
QUOTE ("Rincon 650":is9mg2as)
Must look like this.. huh.....

I dont know why But I cant see pictures on this forum....Can on every other one though......StRaNgE!
It is just some nasty torn front cv boot.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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