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Help 450 no power

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Have a 2002 450 ran good last fall ,this spring had a hard time staring .Pull carb and cleaned there was a little crap but not to bad , found the muffler was falling apart inside so cut end out and removed broken pieces out. Starts and runs still does not have any power .Motor was rebuilt last year ran fine after rebuild.
I,m totaly lost have never had one I could not find the problem
Any ideas wouh be great
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something could of build a nest inside the exhaust plugging it. Are you getting a good fuel flow to the carb, line may be gumed up? fouled plug or plugged vent lines on the carb.
looks like the cam chain tensioner is broke and the chain jumped looks like I'll have to pull the front cover off
Whats the best way stand on end?
Keep us updated on your problem and fix.
QUOTE ("sljim":b2quxj1a)
Whats the best way stand on end?
First thing is to make sure the front end is very clean, you dont want any trash falling into the engine while its open. Next turn fuel off and run the bike out of fuel or drain the carb. This way the fuel will not run into the airbox and damage the air filter while on end. Chock the rear tires and using a floor jack and maybe a block. Jack it up as far as you can. It will lift up very easy with two people on the front. On a fresh morning I can do it by myself but to be safer use two. another thing to look at is the level in the fuel tank, if its full it will come out the gas cap vent line. maybe drain or siphon some out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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