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Try resetting the ECM and go from there. I had that on my 2003. Took it to a Dealer and 1st time they said loose/corroded connector. It worked for a few miles. Took it back to the Dealer and they replaced the angle sensor. Problem came back. This was over two years as my Rube stays at my Camp 8 hours away most of the year. Tried a new dealer this past fall. They replaced the ECM and properly indexed the angle sensor. 100 miles later no issues. I also had them adjust the valves which resulted in a much improved starting routine.
Zero out the ECM by resetting it and then take notice of the codes you are getting. I had an 11 then a 10. Also put dielectric grease on all connectors (lightly), If you have a service manual go through the troubleshooting procedures to narrow down the codes. Lots of You Tube videos on this. Good luck.
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