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help 05 rubicon 05 foreman making noise

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i got a 05 rubicon with a 2'' lift and 28'' swamplites when i drive it through a mudhole and the 4x4 has to really work to get it through it's making a popping or clicking noise in the front end when i clean the mud off of it it won't do it just when it's really muddy and working pretty hard. i got a 05 foreman that does the exact same thing but it's bone stock anyone know what this noise could be? i was thinking it was the traxlock system slipping and making the noise or something kinda like some lockers do?
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your front axles are slipping in the joints. and yes they will break soon. get gorrilla axels, there pricey but the work
will it mess up the front diff. driving it around until then i get gorrilla or not? does this usually happen on a stock 4 wheeler i can understand it doing it on a lifted bike with big tires but not a stock bike
no it won's mess up your front diff but if it does break you will be stranded. And yes if you have larger front tires and a lift kit, it makes the angels to steap for the stock axels. the up graded ones are made for the larger angel. when tyou buy them get them from gorilla axel. there the cheapest you will find. about $360 a side.
i think it would be easier to take the lift out and replace with new stock axels, less stress on the bike. my foreman is stock, i havent heard anything like that altho your bike is 1 year older. of course now that i have said that im sure when i ride it tomorow it will start makign the noise, it always happens that way
it's not just the lifted rubicon making the noise i got a stock 05 foreman that does the exact same thing both of these bikes have less than 500 miles on them
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