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im a new owner of an 07 rancher 420. just thought id say hi and see if anyone is in iowa, man its cold here today(-7 and feels like -22)
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So how is the new 420 looks like a tough simple machine
Isn't much warmer in WI I grew up in NW IA don't think I will ever miss the Iowa winds and windchills
seems to be good so far, i have only put 4 miles in 2 days this weekend im hoping to put more on
Welcome.. I'm here in sunny Florida
sunny and hot i wish. its now snowing again
Welcome, I'm in Illinois so I know how you feel about it being cold!
Welcome central illinois and it is snowing again. hope it snows enough to give a reason to be out in the streets on the foreman
Snowing again? Where?
i live in northwest iowa. waterloo/cedar falls area. we had a great weekend!!! i put 30 miles on this weekend. man we had fun. it was around 30 all weeken so it was nicer than it has been.
Welcome to the site!
How does that 420 start in the cold weather?
Is yours a manual shift or did you get the ES model?
es and is starts perfect ever time i get on it. it winds about 2 or 3 times then its running
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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