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hello there

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My name is tyler, i am 15 years old , i just got an 06 foreman 500 i dont have any mods on it yet because i am broke as soon as i pay it off i will start putting mods
Future mods: 28 laws, itp rims, lift kit, warn winch, skid plates, hmf, k&n air filter, jet kit, snorkel, exhaust snorkel, maybe a clutch kit and maybe a DGL, gorilla axles when the stock ones brake
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welcome hope you like the site
glad to see you have joined
Welcome Goose. You sure don't want much for your atv do you .
Welcome Goose! Sounds like you've got an extensive Christmas list going!!!
bout time T
Welcome, you better hurry up and pay that thing off so the fun can begin.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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