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Hello from WV

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Hey there.

My name is Clark Rollins and I'm from Fairmont, WV. I just recently bought a Honda Foreman 450, about 3 days ago. I took it out that day while still in my work clothes because I wanted to see what it could do. Luckily it wasn't muddy where I was riding. I was very pleased with its ability.

I have not riden since I was about 10 years old. So this is kind of a new experience for me, because the last bike I was on was a Big Red 3 wheeler. So I'm really starting from scratch. But my trip out on the Foreman went great. Even the really steep stuff was easy with the 4WD.

It is a 2002 model with 610 miles on it. It came with a WARN winch and a Moose/Cycle Country Snow Plow. It runs great, and it seems as though it will not need tires for a while.

I only have one pic of it so far....and the only reason I have this pic is because my daughter (3 yrs old) wanted her pic taken on it with her new helmet. So check out the pic, and any info about the Foreman you think is absolutely neccessary for me to know...LIKE KNOWN PROBLEMS OR SOMETHING....let me know.


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Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will enjoy your new toy !!!!
Well How-D...... Welcome to the site..
Welcome and you will have fun with ur new toy!!
Welcome to the site!
Thanks for the welcome.

I look forward to taking it out riding.

Over the weekend I cleaned it up good from when I bought it, and I also removed the racks and painted them with bed-liner. They look great, and seem to be very tuff and scratch resistant now.

The only bad part is there is a couple spots on my frame that the paint is peeling off of, and it is beginning to rust. I am going to have to paint it with something to keep the rust from getting worse. ANY IDEAS.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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