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Hello from TN

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Hello everyone. great web site. Hope i can help make some contributions to all the great people here and get a little help also.

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Welcome !!!!!
HAHA another one close by!!! So tell us more about ur self. I lived in Manchester for 16 yrs and just moved to Tullahoma 2 yrs ago.
Welcome to the site!
is that a camo 4man????????//

yes camo. I love it. I live in manchester. We ride mostly up at erwin college near highway 8. We have riden at stage coach ,which is great when the water is down, the gulf, gilmer's, and of course some of the best place that they have shut down on us now. lol.

Ha yes finally some one know what I am talking about when I say the "Gulf" That is where we ride all the time. Who do you ride with?
I ride with a bunch from manchester. I will PM you and tell you who they are if you wish. We will be up at the gulf this saturday afternoon into evening.

Kevin G
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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