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Hello from Southern Illinios

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Hello, my name is Cameron, I ride in the Wabash River valley area on my 2006 Honda Foreman. Im glad to be a member and cant wait to get to know and maybe ride with some of you.
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any pics of your foreman?
once you seen one, you wanna see um all!
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ilinimud, wat town are u in.. im in noble il..... welcome to site...
S. Illinois

rubyandforeman, i live about 40 miles south from you, Crossville is the towns name but it is small and not many people know where it is. A bigger town close to here is Carmi.

No i dont have any pics yet, i think i want to wait untill i get my lift and big tires. Right now its just a loud Foreman with Mudlites
Welcome ilinimud
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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