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Hello from southeast Indiana

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Hello Everyone! Been a long time Honda foreman fan and just found this forum. I am waiting till next summer to purchase a new 2007 blue Rubicon or 500 FE. I have swayed off the honda path for last few years but am returning to honda for GOOD! I will be around checking in everyday on new items.
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Welcome !!!!
Welcome !!!!!
welcome to the HF family
Welcome to the site. Where at in Indiana are you from, I am from Martinsville, 25 miles south of Indy.
Welcome to the site!
Welcome jspeedracer
I'm located right off I 74 between Batesville and ohio state line. I'm about 45 minutes from Shelbyville is that gives you an idea. If I go to Shelbyville, I take US 52 to Rushville, then 44 to Shelbyville.
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