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New guy here. My name is Jason. I live in Indianapolis. Found the forum and it interests me. I have a 2000 HONDA (duh) Foreman 450S. I have already found several things on here I didn't know about my machine. -Jason
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Welcome to the site Jason! Where do you ride at?
welcome jason..
big daddy has to clue wat the nice ride is lol....................... wats bad i have the same thing... big daddy im just joking...
Ok but I don't get it!
I ride mostly at Haspin Acres down it Laurrel IN. I have been to the Badlands. This past Christmas I rode in WI. And in May I am going to SD to ride in the Black Hills. I would like to find more places to ride somewhat close to the house. -Jason
Welcome JasonO
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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