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hello from Indiana

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Hi I just found this site..... looks like a good site for Foreman lovers. If your close by lets ride sometime.
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Welcome I am a little north or you probably to far to go riding
Welcome to the site
Harry and Lady foreman thanks for the welcome..........Harry I would to come up to Wic. and ride some time and also do some mudding in TX with you lady. mostly ride the river bottoms in So. Indiana, so if you either of you come this way let me know.
Welcome to the site. Where at in Indiana are you from, I am from Martinsville, about 20 mins south of Indy on 37.
Well I guess I do get in your area from time to time. My walleyes are in Grandview lake over by Columbus, Heritage Lake by Coatsville, and in a huge gravel pit by Terre Haute
Harry you supply the fish and i will supply the place to ride and the place for you to stay.its right down us 41 south of terre haute about 1 hour or so.
Any other Hoosier riders in here???????
There is only 3 other members on the site from Indiana that I know of. Quadboy350, lives right done the road from me.
Wink, he is from Shelbyville, and another guy from down south close to Santa Claus Indiana.
Where at in Indiana do you live.
I live south of Indy but ride down south close to Vinncenes. where you ride at Bexxter?
Welcome aboard
I ride mainly around my house at a few buddie's houses and around the Waverly area. I have been to Haspin Acres 3 times, am heading over there April 30th to watch the Hare scramble races and to ride around some. I plan on heading down to the Lawrence County Riding park in a month or two. Its only about an hour from my house, Haspin is about 2 hours and 10 minutes from my house.
Bexxter have you ever been to the Badlands? Its a pretty cool place,, Do you ride the white river bottoms over there around waverly?
Welcome to the Forum!
NO, I have not been to the Badlands yet. Yes, I went riding over in Waverly this weekend at the river, Not at the SR144 bridge but about 2 miles south of there at some of my buddies farmland along the river. 2 buddies I rode with that day was at the SR144 bridge for about an hour then we meet up at there farm. It only takes me about 7 mins to get to the SR144 from my house. Had a great time down there Sunday, got some good video of me in a nice water hole, but I dont know how to get the video on the site.
I am about half hour from to go riden with ya sometime.
That would be cool, we are always looking for more people to ride with. Have you rode at the SR144 bridge yet? it is some pretty good riding there. I think we might be riding at the farm along the river again this weekend, MAYBE, still not sure yet, will have to make a few more phone calls. If we go I will PM you and we can trade some contact info.
sounds like fun let me know..........weekend weather might be pretty good
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