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Hello from Florida

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Hey newbie here. Found this site when I had some confusion on installing my winch. Got it straight now. My name is Shawn. I bought a 06 Foreman 500 S in June and love it. I am in the military stationed in northwest Florida. I just got my buddy to finally buy one to so now we are going about every other weekend or so. Anyway wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
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Welcome BigCaveman !!!!
Welcome Big Caveman, To the best site on the web.
Welcome BigCaveman
Welcome and nice wishes from germany!

Welcome !!!
Hey Caveman,

I'm in the Canadian Military and heading down to your parts next week.
Going to Eglin for 2 week exercize. You know of anywhere to borrow or rent a quad and maybe take a couple guys out for a day?
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