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Hello from Alberta!

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Hey guys/gals,
Looks like I've come to the right place for help and ideas. Just found out about this forum and I'm really impressed with what I've seen and read. I've got a '01 Foreman 450ES stock execpt for a Warn winch, and am now thinking of putting some extras on. Looking forward to hearing what works and what doesn't. Happy Trails!!
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Welcome Potsie... hang out a while and enjoy...
Welcome to the site!!
Hello Potsie.
I'm kinda new here too and like you, find this site better than alot of others.
I've found info on here that you can't find anywhere
Welcome to the site!!
Welcome guys! I know you will find a lot of useful information here. Also, there are a bunch of us in the Southeast section so feel free to chime in with us in that forum as well!!!
Welcome potsie450es
Hi there,
I'm also up in Cold Lake.
This is a great site for info that is for sure.
Do a search under the 450 section and you'll get tons of mods guys have done.

Drop me a PM and see if we know each other, maybe hook up for a ride in the area.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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