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Hello All

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I am new to the forum but not so much new to atv's. I have been riding for a some years now on my dads 450 Foreman ES. I am in central KY. I hunt deer, rabbit, dove, turkey, coyotes. This year, I took up waterfowl hunting and I have had a blast shooting some hooded mergansers and mallards out of the sky. Just can't seem to connect with a goose yet.

Getting ready to purchase my first atv: a yellow 2006 Honda Foreman 4x4 ES. I am excited to see how much of a difference it will be compared to my dads '03 450.

I really think this site has carved out a niche in the atv forum world of the internet. Happy to have found it.
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Glad to have another new member to harass!!! Just kidding!!
WELCOME!!!!!! Congratulations on your new bike! I need one of those yellow bikes to match my truck!!!!!
Welcome! you will fall in love with your new atv.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome. Waterfowl hunting is the best.
Waterfowl hunting it best, i just bought me a new dog, chocolate lab, but we will leave out how much it cost me, i Love huntin' the marsh where do you other waterfowl hunters hunt
I hunt the marsh to. I hunt just east of Galveston TX.
I love it out there. Just wait till you kill your goose. You will never forget it.
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