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heel toe shifters

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thoughts on these, good idea bad idea and can they be found for an 07 foreman? I see them for older models I didnt know if they were compatible.
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Just a personal opinion but I hate em. I find I have much better control with the toe shift. Especially if your riding style is more agressive and /or you stand on the pegs a lot. Only benifit I can see is that they may be a bit easier to use if you need heavy boots for extreme cold weather riding.
I basically just hunt. no extreme mudding or anthing like that. Just easing around camp and the farm. Sometimes to hard to shift when I first start off, plus it looked like I would get better leverage with the heel shift.
The purpose of any mod is to make the bike perform better for your particular needs. Sound like it may work well for what you want. Arctic Cat uses them on their bikes if you know of anybody with one that you can try before you buy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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