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Heated handle grips and thumb warmer

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Hey guys,

Just bought some heated grips and thumb warmer.

Just wondering what you think of this, I want to install them on the ignition switch, and not on the battery, just because if I turn off the bike and forgot about the switch, the battery will die on me, so I am thinking
of plugin it on the pink wire of the ignition switch.

Tell me what you think!

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Do you know how many amps those things draw? I was thinking about getting a set but I would run them off of a relay.
yeah I'd deff run them off of a relay, or at least make sure that you put an inline fuse in. Don't want to experiment with fire like I did. The good news would be that at least you would be warm
I would pull power from your accessory plug if anything. Very easy to unplug from machine and make a splice. There is a connector on back side of accessory plug and another one behind left headlight. Unplug both of these and you'll have about a 1' piece of harness to work with on your bench. I just wouldn't want to splice into main harness if it were me.
They are installed!!

Those are like a charmed!!

Hi and LOW for handles and Hi and LOW for the thumb!

Will take pics and post it!

I have taken the power from the PINK wire that is for accessories, and had the connector on it without splicing the wires!

I love mine. I didn't get the ones with the thumb warmer. I wish I did.
where did u get them from and how much?
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