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Heated Grips

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Wondering who has them on their machine, and what kind you got and if you like them.

I was thinking of getting the kind that go under the regular grips because my long term plan is to get some gel grips and then have them heated.

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I have a set on the Foreman and Rancher, they are great for those cold rides in the fall and early winter. We have the Cycle Country heated grips that the dealer threw in when we bought our machines so they were free, if i had to buy some, I would get the kind with the thumb warmer but the handguards we bought keep most of the wind off out hands.
Anybody know what temp those things go to?
I don't think we need'm Euro. It doesn't get cold enough for long enough
to have them where we live. I'm sure that the average temp. where you
live is like here in the winter. In the 40's & we think were gonna die.
It was 49 here this morning. I almost put on a jacket.
It's been warm here the last few days, we actaully saw 52 degree's on Friday not to far from my house. It's cooled off today though and it's snowing, guess mother nature is making sure we don't run out.
It is acctually warm here today 34 degrees first day in december above freezing all. Put on hand warmers under the stock grips and wow they are sweet, I also put on a little thumb warmer. I would definantly recomend putting the things on to anyone
What about those mits that go on the handle bar and you just slip your hands in and they are now toasty warm.. Are these things worth it?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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