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Heated grips

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I was wondering if anyone had the heated grips, and if they liked them? I got mine put on tonight and they seem kinda weak.
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I was thinking about putting them on my foreman. But I have too many things on mine that could drain my battery.
I hooked mine into the cig lighter, so when the key is off the are off. They claim there is no drain if the ATV is running.
I have a pair on mine and so does the wife, they are great when your riding down the trail and it's snowing like crazy or it's 20 degree's outside. I ran my power wire to the switch and put in an inline fuse as back up in case it shorted, i didn't want it blowing my accessory fuse. Their pretty easy to install but the one's i have required that i file down the handle where it slipped over so they would fit and the adhesive would hold better.
I didn't do any filing. We just took a 2x4 and a hammer to the end of mine making sure we didn't cut through the grip.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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