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Heated grips question help please

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Im looking to get some grips for my quad and wanted to no who has what and if the like them,pros and cons please..and where did you mount the control for the grips and if you have any pictures please post or email them to me..and also whats a good price to pay for them.thanks Craig

enjoy your holidays
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Have installed several sets of Moose hand/thumb warmer kits. Nice lighted on/off switch that has 5 levels of heat. Cost is around $100.

I purchased a set of Moose grips from my honda dealer. Had a high low setting and an off position switch. Very easy to install, costed me 40 dollars and about an hours work. I would advise however to soder the connections keeps them nice and sturdy.

I mounted my switch just to the left side of the headlight pod but the directions tell you to drill a half inch hole no do not do this. I started with a smaller bit and worked my way up until i got a tight fit. I did no make it to half an inch. Otherwise the switch will be falling out all the time
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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