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Went to the pumpkin run and it was the best ever NO DUST wet as a mofo,anyways about mile marker 6 my headlights went out so had to follow my wife through the trail she kept loosing me thought it was funny.But this is how it happened I stopped to take a break turned off the bike and went to turn it back on they did not work checked all the fuses could it be the switch it was replaced less then a year ago.HELP nothing in the manual
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Mine did the same thing on my Rincon and Rancer. I took both switchs apart and it was the same problem on both. The plastic that holds the contact in place had got hot and deformed enough to let the contact move. I wedged some plastic strips between the housing and the contact until it was back where it needed to be. Now it can't move and I haven't had anymore problems with it.
found out when I did the programmer that the main green plug got exposed to water then it corroded and the 12v pin broke off but thanks for your help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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