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Headlight Question

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When I turn my lights from dim to bright or whatever, is the right one supposed to turn off, or is something wrong? If it is supposed to do that, what is the purpose of it?

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I don't think the right turns off. you have bad bulb. Mine don't turn off
A bulb that has high and low beams uses two filaments one of your is burned out.
Oh okay...the dealership should fix this under warranty, correct?
QUOTE ("aaron_c":35mngyd8)
Oh okay...the dealership should fix this under warranty, correct?
probably your problem. shouldn't be but a couple of bucks though
Oh, I figured that since I just bought it last Friday, I could just have them change it out when they tune the valves or whatever and change the fluids.
didn't know it was that new. you could probably say something to them if you have a good dealer they should fix. i think most dealers including mine says not to do the valves until 100 hrs or you can hear them.
i think my dealer said 100kms before they need adjusting, couldve been 100hrs tho. i would just take it in and get them to fix your light problem, take advantage of the warrenty.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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