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Headlight mod

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As you probably know, the 4wd 500s come with a third headlight and the 2wd ones don't. I was wondering if it would be possible to order a replacement 3rd headlight assembly for a 4wd and mount it on my 2wd. Anybody know if this would work?
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first off, i would like to know why someone would buy a foreman WITHOUT 4wd?

secondly, i am not sure about the mod but i am guessing that you would have to wire everything up.

if you have enough room on the handle bars at all...
i would say it would be fine. the handle bars should be the same. i know that some rincon riders do the same, buy a foreman pod and mount it to get the 3rd light.
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QUOTE ("cra5h":22o28ym3)
first off, i would like to know why someone would buy a foreman WITHOUT 4wd?...
Some people can accomplish what they need to get done w/o 4wd just because they are that good.

I checked into putting the headlight pod on and it was quite expensive. I decided that I liked the quad w/o the third light just because I carry things on the front a lot and it cancelled out most of the light anyway.

If you look around, most people are trying to re-wire their lights so they can turn off the pod light because they don't need to use it most of the time.

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I have the shut off switch on mine and I usually don't use the center light if I'm riding in a group or on trails. I modified the center to give me 80 watts on low beam and 100 on high. I ALWAYS use it when I'm out front in a group or for faster riding on the cabin or logging roads. We have lots of 1000lb. speedbumps with 6ft. racks. In fact 2 snowmobilers are lucky to be alive after a collision with a moose just two day ago.
Maybe the setup in the pic or something similar might work and be easier and cheaper to install.
I wired a switch in series with the two lower lights,now I ride with just the upper pod light on.Plenty of light with just the pod light on.
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