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headlight bulb replacement options

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Hey all,

Looking to increase the wattage on the x2 head lights hi/lo from 30/30 to ??/?? and also the center assist from 45w to highest wattage. Has anyone swapped out the bulbs, if so what bulbs did you use IE part No#..Thanks
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I modified the center light reflector to accept a standard H4 bulb. Simply trim a small groove for the bulb to fit. You should be able to use the factory bulb socket to power one of the elements in a higher wattage dual element H4 bulb.

I also changed the socket and added 2 relays with heavier wire direct to the battery to get hi and low beam on the centerlight. Used an "off road only" H4 bulb to get 80 watts on low beam and 100 watts on hi with the factory switch.
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