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Have you rode the new fuel injected rancher?

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Just wanted to know if anyone has ridden the new Rancher with fuel injection? I have heard some good things about them. Was wondering if they have the same kind of power as the foreman and just overall reviews. Any comments would be great.
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I've riden the 420 AT and I like it ,nice light lil machine with the same power as the 450 Foreman in my view. The thing I love most is the in and out of 4x4,Its a manual shift in and out instead of electronic. The only thing I didn't like was no speedo on the manual shift model. It also needs a adjustable rear suspention,Found the single shock set up is too soft and will really squat when riding 2-up. I'd own one!
I have a 06 foreman 500, the wife has an 07 420 Rancher. The rancher is snappy and wants to rev, it will smoke the foreman, the Foreman has lugging power.That being said, we both still like the Foreman better, she's not getting it though lol. The fuel injection is nice, it will be on all larger quads soon I'm sure.
Has anyone heard of any news of honda taking the foreman and bringing it out with fuel injection?
i have an 07 foreman the only power difference is i think .7HP my cousin and buddy both have 07 ranchers and i get a jump on them on the begining of every gear but by the end of the gear they're back next to me but i can definately out pull them and i think i can top out maybe like 2-3 MPH over them. but if u don't care about more pulling power the rancher is a good all around machine.
I forgot to ask if you have rode the automatic or the manual? I am not big on automatics.
The local honda dealer said that there was a 3/4 horsepower difference in the new rancher and my foreman. I rode my dads 420 and it was quick!!
Hey I have an 05 foreman and I put the iridum plug in it and it ran better for about 3 months then started doing the same thing it had before. Spit and sputter at idle and die out unless you kept it choked. You have to have the choke out to start it in all weather. Know of two others who have had the same results. My foreman is stock other than the spark plug. Sure would be nice to have the fuel injection on a foreman.
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