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Have you ever seen a winch switch like this one??

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I have a winch switch off of my old Superwinch ATV1500. I am wanting to hook it up to my new cheapo winch from Ebay. I just can't remember what wire goes where! I know that 1 wire comes from the battery, another hot wire goes to the + on the winch, then there is a - from the battery, and then a - goes to the winch. The back of the switch isn't marked and I no longer have my manual for the ATV1500. If anyone happens to have a manual for this winch please look it up for me. Here are a few pics of the backside of the switch and the front also.
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Mudlord...That looks like the identical switch that came with my new Venom 3500.. But unfortunately the switch itself is pre-wired. The only wires comming off of the actual switch is a ( red ) wire going to a " hot ", and 2 ( green ) wires with male and female connectors that go the contractor... I will see tomorrow if there is a screw on the back of the switch allowing me to trace the wires for you.. I will have to get into the shrink tubing to find out.
Yah, unfortunately that switch has to be hooked up to a contactor. I have one of those switches, but the contactor is shot and I need a quick fix for the weekend. The switch that I took a pic of has 4 terminals on the back, 2 grounds and 2 hots, I just can't remember what wire goes where.
Gotcha... Sorry I can't help on that one.. Have you thought of a regular toggle switch. You will have " IN " capability but will have to manually pull it out. At least this will get you workin' for the weekend...
will this help?
OH NO....Zipper comes thru in the clutch....
this may be a better view
If he knew which ones were positive and which ones were negative, He may drive a few hundred miles to give you a big sloppy kiss....Ha Ha Ha
I think the colors kinda give it away. LOL
Great pics, but I still have no idea where those are going too! LOL

Is the red and blk in the middle coming from the battery??

NEVERMIND I figured it out!! DUH!! Thanks a ton for the pics!!!!
Glad I could help. Sorry about not telling you what wires went to were. LOL
Another question for you you have a small solenoid that attaches to the battery+ terminal? I got the winch hooked up and running, but I think it is draining the battery because I don't have the small solenoid hooked up. It is also making a clicking sound at the winch when I turn the key on. Any thoughts on this?

I do have a small silver box hooked to the bat. I dont know if it is a fuse or a solenoid. Mine does not make a noise when I turn on the key.
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