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Have HFT unit for sale on ebay

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I am sellen a HFT honda matictransmission on ebay, has been tested on bench as per Honda service.
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you turn the input shaft and turn it clockwise and same time turn the out put shaft counter clockwise. You then see if it binds up in any of the swach plate angles.
To change the swash plate angles you must turn the gear the shift motor meshes with .. .. You can't bench test a TRX500FA/FGA hydrostatic transmission .. And Honda doesn't have a test for it once it's out of the bike ..

We've changed hydrostatic transmissions that the bike had to be pushed into the shop ,once the transmission is out it will turn freely because it has oil in it ..

I have lots of TRX500 transmissions at the shop ..You want to buy them to sell ..?
I am also a Honda tech if I haven't told you. Call up Honda that is the way to test them, I called them to make sure that is the correct way casue I bought a 02 and the bearing hade broken inside. The one that I installed works fine.
So ya if you don't want them I would buy them give me a price and shipping to Baxter MN
We've changed a couple of dozen + Rubicon transmissions since 01 we've thrown most out but still have some .. I know for a fact that some were still good but I've tried turning the shafts and can't tell a good one from one that I know is bad ...Honda has sent out several shop talks on the transmission saying most were changed and are still good but I'm not going to spend 10-12 hours pulling the engine doing a teardown/rebuild only to have the transmission ratchet even with a new oil pump installed ..
Ya that was my point with Honda when I did them, but alot of them are still good. I put one in my and works just fine, does have some noise, most likey from some thing scored, but never the less it's 1400 still in my pocket. The other ones that I was selling all test the same and I wouldn't be afaird to install them if I was doing the job for myself and the old one a bearing broke.
**** alot of them with low oil pressure still moved and weren't noisy at all.

I was just selling the ones that I knew would pass as per honda bench testing. For that guy in his garage that his crapped out and didn't want to buy a 1400 one.
Cool .. I guess it'd save a guy money if he's doing it himself .. Be a shame if he had to pay 12 hours + at $50-70.00 per hour ..

I know that I've changed anywhere from 8-12 that were perfectly good in 2001 when the problem first started .. Back then (and still today) we test the oil pressure on every Rubicon that comes in the shop .. And as for Hondas numbers on their test ,they are WAY low ..Honda says 150 kPa (22 psi) at idle and 800 kPa (116 psi) at 5000 rpm .. We've had them ratchet at 22 psi a nromal Rubicon has 40+ and at 5000 the needle bottoms out on the post which is over 200 .. And the district service rep told us not to change an oil pump without changing the hydroststic pump and don't change a hydrostatic pump without changing the oil pump ..
Ya book spec is way low think I was told like 50psi at idle and 150 or more at 5000.
I also have changed out alot of the same compents. If it haden't came in and the custmer didn't want to fix it I wouldn't have it. it's a 02 that hade 15000 on it. 500 for the wheeler and 120 for the shop bill.
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